2019 Chapter 10 Motor Support



I am requesting permission to utilize the following motorcycle during the Police Unity Tour. The sole purpose of this vehicle is to assist the Police Unity Tour,  I understand that as members of the Police Unity Tour, we realize our greater responsibility to the brotherhood, our profession and what we represent as ambassadors to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.   For that reason, as a Member of the Police Unity Tour, I will not consume alcohol during the Tour operating hours nor shall I possess or consume alcohol on / or near the grounds of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial or on any of the surrounding streets. I understand that any violation of the aforementioned policy will result in my immediate ejection from the tour.

Once in Washington DC all vehicles and trailers will be LEGALLY PARKED realizing our greater responsibility to the brotherhood, our profession and what we represent as ambassadors to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.  

I further understand and agree that the Police Unity Tour assumes no responsibility for this motor.

Without exception all operators and occupants must be accepted members of the Police Unity Tour.  Any member who violates this mandate shall be subject to immediate suspension and removal from the tour.

Memorandum of Understanding

In order to ensure the safe, efficient movement of the procession and continued success of the Police Unity Tour it is necessary to make sure that all members assigned to the Motorcycle Support Team fully understand their responsibilities, which are as follows:

  1. All Motor support will attend the Motor Support Meeting in March.  If you are out of state you are required to attend via GOTO meeting (details to follow).  NJ based motors are required to attend.  
  2. On the initial day of departure all motors will assemble one hour prior to the scheduled departure and on the following days all motors will assemble 1⁄2 hour prior to daily departure in order to participate in a safety meeting.  That meeting will include a debrief on the previous day’s activities and a safety briefing of the day to come. 
  3. Chapter 10 and 13 will have several lead motors to assist the Motor Chair.  The Motor Chair will assign you each day based upon various factors which will help in accomplishing our Route safely.  The Motor Chair will defer to the Lead Motor of Chapter 2 on the 3rd day and the Lead Motor of Chapter 1 on the 4th day.
  4. All motors are needed every day of the Tour, so motors will not under any circumstances leave the Tour without notifying the Lead Motor Chair personally.  If you return to the Ride you are also responsible for notifying the Lead Motor.
  5. Communication for the Tour is typically through the ZELLO application available on your phone.  Please download and test the application prior to the Tour.  In some cases radios may be issued to key motors.  It is your responsibility to ensure the return of the portable at the end of the Tour in the same condition you received it.  The specific channel will be given out prior to the start.  All motor should be familiar with the application and its limitations and benefits prior to the Tour.  
  6. Route Books and all the appropriate Police Unity Tour Handouts will be handed to you at the start.
  7. Unless in a flanking position to the riders, motors should ride in a two by two formation, following the direction of the assigned lead motor.  The flanking side is subject to change.  When changing please be aware of bicycles as they may not be aware of your direction changes without radios.
  8. Motors will only pull out of formation from the front left position as directed by the lead motor.
  9. Communication is the key to avoiding collisions.  As a safety precaution, motors should pull into formation from the rear only filling in the right side first followed by the left.  As we utilize motors from different agencies with varying degrees of experience communicating your moves will assist in reducing potential collisions.
  10. When arriving at the break and lunch areas, all motors will make an effort to park together in formation at a location determined by the lead motor. If a motor is not able to access the lead group to park due to how other vehicles and equipment are positioned, please park in an area allowing you to be ready to leave when instructed. This is to ensure a safe and timely departure.  All motors should check in before the break is complete in case of last minute changes.
  11. At the completion each day once motors have reached the hotels, they should attempt to fill up together grouped by hotel.  Receipts will be collected at the morning briefing from each of the hotels.  This will ensure minimal reports and that motors are ready to roll each morning.

Any motor support team member that fails to comply with this memorandum will be asked not to participate. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.

Member Information

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Vehicle Information

As a Motor Support Member, you are an integral part of the Tour and our safety and success depends on your vigilance.  It is imperative if you observe something that needs to be addressed that you alert a Ride Marshall or the Lead Motor immediately.

You do not need to be a current Motor officer in your department to participate however you do need to have completed a certified Law Enforcement Motor Cycle Operator training course to participate.  In addition, you will need to have a motor with lights and sirens to participate in the Chapter 10 Ride.

This application is due prior to the February Meeting.  Any vehicle change must be submitted to John Mehl by email prior to March 1st.  A complete vehicle list will be final as of the April Meeting.  No deviations will be accepted.  This is for event insurance purposes. 

All operators must attend the March Meeting.  

All questions regarding vehicles should be directed to Erik Menck or John Mehl.

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